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Hard at Work...

  • Made of glass-filled nylon, this device is both lightweight and rugged. It will stand up to real life in the orchards!

  • With easy-to-use side clips, StemPunk attaches quickly and securely to the straps on the picking bag or, if preferred, to a simple body strap (sold separately). In this way, it does not obstruct the entry to the bag, even when swiveling the bag upward on approach to the bin.

  • The circular apple base over the blades helps to guide stems for easier targeting and clipping.

  • Stainless steel blades are easily replaceable and have conical shape to form to the stem bowl of the apple to prevent damages.

  • Patented design incorporates refined ergonomics and >5x leveraged cutting force to make the job of clipping stems easier and more fun.

  • Designed to allow for stem ejection and redirection into a removable catch basin to prevent severed stems from falling into the bag.  

  • See the White Page for more background and economic info about the StemPunk Solution.

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